Frontier Party Of America


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Basic Education:

  • Proposal for a Standardized Educational Curriculum which all States will use as their base for K-12 education. Education in its current state, varies greatly from one school district to the next. This puts some children at an advantage and many more at a disadvantage. We should not be able to rank states from best to worst in education. All American students should receive the same level of practical, high quality education that will allow them to remain competitive on a global market. A Standard Curriculum with 3 tiers would benefit every child in the nation. A Tiered curriculum could be created to help to provide education catered to a child’s learning ability.

  • Emphasis on a Practical Curriculum - The curriculum should improve the self-sufficiency of our children and provide them with tools that they will use once they graduate from high school. Along with basic courses such as Science, Math, Economics, Biology, Civics and the Arts, additional course should be a standard for the American Child.

Some recommended additional courses include:


  • Children should learn where their food comes from. How to sustain themselves. How farms work and why they are necessary for our success as a nation.


  • Each child should have medical education beyond first aid. The ability to treat themselves or others in an emergency situation. A strong base in health to make good life choices that will keep them healthy.


  • Each child should learn how to defend themselves in various situations. Emphasis should be placed on techniques that do not use weapons as many people either will not or choose not to have a weapon when they need to defend themselves. Learning self-defense or Martial Arts would be a worthwhile addition to the physical education courses which students currently attend.


  • Children of the Lower 48 States should begin learning Spanish in Kindergarten and continue to learn until Grade 8 at which point they would be able to choose between Spanish and French for grades 8 -12.

  • English and Spanish literacy tests should be required in schools.

  • Hawai’i and Alaska should promote learning of Indigenous languages.


  • The Lower 48 States are in the Western Hemisphere and most of the population in this hemisphere speaks Spanish.

  • The US borders Mexico, the largest Spanish-Speaking nation on Earth.

  • Fluency in Spanish would increase communication and decrease animosity between Hispanic and Non-Hispanic communities and individuals.

  • Learning Spanish will make it easier to learn other Romance languages such as Latin, Italian, Portuguese, French and Romanian.

  • Knowing two or more languages will increase a person's value for employment.

  • French is proposed for the last 4 years because it is an official language of Canada, our northern neighbor and a practical language for business and travel.

  • Due to European Colonialism, a person who can speak English, Spanish and French can travel to 87/196 countries world wide, approximately 44% of countries in the world, and be able to communicate without translation, That is only countries where one of those three languages is an official language. The number increases when including those countries with non-native speakers of those languages ( i.e Sweden/English, .

Practical Economics

  • While students should learn how the economy of the world works, time should be spent in helping students understand how to avoid or decrease debt, make money and smart business decisions, pay taxes, buy a car and buy a home.


  • Students should have a well-rounded understanding about how our Government works. What their rights are without political spin and how they can directly become involved in Government so they can enact the change they feel this country needs when it is their turn to lead.

Higher Education:

  • It is a right and should cost little to no money to receive a undergraduate education.

  • If we can pay our children to go to war, then we can also pay them to further educate themselves and be contributing members of society.

  • The Frontier Party proposes a competitive model for tuition reimbursement whereby tuition will be waived at various levels depending on economic and societal needs and student performance.

  • Students would be encouraged to choose useful majors and keep a high GPA in order for their tuition to be waived.

By investing in the education of our children and all of our citizens, we are poised to maintain our position as a Global leader in Technology and Manufacturing.