Frontier Party Of America


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Smarter Government not Smaller Government:

  • The Federal Government is the glue that binds the States. The Federal Government writes the laws that all States must abide by. It Unites us as a country. It is our voice on the world stage. We would not be the great nation we are, without it.  Cutting off money or privatizing social services does nothing to fix the inefficiency of government. Shouting "small government" also will not fix any problems. The Frontier Party proposes a streamlining of government operations and working with states to remove redundant services. Keeping tighter control on contracting and favoring the hiring of full-time government employees rather than spending double the money on ineffective contractors. We need an intelligent approach in order to make our government more effective and more efficient. Be part of our cause to create the path we need to have a government that works for everyone. 

Department of Efficiency:

  • Many might read this and laugh but maybe here reason we have so much Government waste is because we don’t have a Department of Government dedicating to overseeing the spending and actions of the Government in regards to reducing those costs and providing the biggest bang for Americans’ taxpayer buck. A Department of Efficiency would evaluate all other Departments of Government for wasteful spending and processes and would also look into providing State services at the national level. Things like Medicaid are implemented at the state level often using Federal funding. There is a lot of administrative waste in between. A Department of Efficiency would also help bring the light the wastes of having something like Medicaid, Medicare, the VA and private insurance all of which combined don’t even provide adequate healthcare to every American.