Frontier Party Of America


          The Frontier Party believes that any foreign person who wishes to create an honest life in the United States of America, should be able to do so but only if it is done in accordance with the law and through proper channels.

          The Frontier Party proposes that any immigrant wishing to gain citizenship in the USA, should be able to provide a service. Those who can provide a much needed service would be moved up the list.

          The organization knows that America was built on Immigration and it would be very un-American to close our borders to immigrants or deport all the illegal immigrants we currently have within our borders. So a smart solution is needed so that the influx of immigrants does not create a drain on society.

          Immigrants would be required to learn English in order to obtain Citizenship. Similar to our stance on education, assuring immigrants learn English and are able to properly communicate with other Americans, reduces the animosity some feel towards those who are unable to speak their language, 

          We should address the current population of illegal immigrants by giving  them a path to become citizens. Mass deportation is not a realistic solution for our current issues with illegal immigration. We should then focus on minimizing the number of illegal immigrants in the country. If the number is currently in the millions then we have not been addressing this issue intelligently. 

         Another  often overlooked source of illegal immigration are employers who knowingly employ these illegal immigrants. They provide a source of income for those who would not be able to find one otherwise. Addressing this issue would help reduce the number of illegals in America and also deter those from coming here illegally because they would be able to secure employment and income. This is an approach that remedies one of the causes of our illegal immigration problem and it should be put at the forefront of any new policies on illegal immigration. 

         Mexico is the largest source of illegal immigrants. The US should work with Mexico to come up with solutions to reduce the amount of immigrants coming into the US. One proposal is by actively helping Mexico increase its standard of living, to decrease the desire for Mexicans to flee the country. 

        We believe in an America for everyone and we can accomplish that with smart and sympathetic laws on immigration.