Frontier Party Of America


          America is at its strongest when it is working. We have sent far too many of our jobs overseas. America is capable of making much of what it consumes, we do not need to outsource in order to provide for ourselves. Corporations only do so in order to  steal wages from American workers.  Allowing corporations to outsources freely has only allowed the richest among us to become richer while promoting job loss in our country and encouraging slave labor abroad. Labor laws in this country are frozen in the past. They have not kept up with the changing job market and they have only attributed to the wage stagnation we have seen in the past few decades.

          Current labor laws favor employers, we need to take care of the employee first and there are a few ways we can do that:

1. The FLSA ( Fair Labor and Standards Act) creates an Exemption for Salaried workers so that they do not receive overtime pay for extra hours they put in. This law is putting many Americans at a financial disadvantage. Employees should be paid fairly for their time. Adequately paid workers make the money to live comfortable lives. The more people that are above the poverty line, the less we spend on welfare and other public programs for low socioeconomic communities.

2. Those who support corporations that underpay employees, support more people on welfare and government aid. People need to make a living wage in order to support themselves and not need government assistance. Corporations can not privatize profit and socialize losses anymore. The minimum wage should be raised in order to help people live a comfortable life.

A tiered approach is preferred. Minimum wage should begin at $15/hr and max out at $20 for people over 18 years of age. This tiered approach will allow teenagers to make a wage that would allow them to pay for an education and also save for their future, while the maximum wage of $20 would allow adults to live more comfortably but also serve as encouragement to seek other employment if they desire higher wages. Corporations would also favor hiring teenagers at lower wages which would push adults to pursue higher wages and more ambitious career goals.

3. Bring manufacturing jobs back to the USA by penalizing Corporations that hire overseas and offering incentives for those that hire internally. America has an incredibly skilled work force. There are industries we have not yet dreamed of, that will employ Americans in the future. We need to safeguard the American worker by assuring that those industries remain in America, providing a high quality work environment and fair pay to workers. 

In order to make these changes, we need to stop allowing Corporations to dictate what employees want. They control much of our political discourse through lobbying and donations. It's time to stand up to them and demand fair pay.