Frontier Party Of America




          Healthcare is a right for every individual in this nation. It is essential for the health of the individual and the health of society as a whole. When your neighbor suffers you suffer. Health is one of the aspects of life that needs to be met in order for an individual to reach their full potential. No one is going to be all they can be if they can’t afford basic healthcare and are constantly ill. The Frontier Party proposes that healthcare be supplied to every individual through a government run program, paid by taxes. This is the most cost effective option. It would allow every individual in the nation to have a comprehensive health care plan and also greatly reduce the amount of money the government wastes on healthcare due to the fragmented system we’ve been unsuccessfully using for the past few decades. The system would be more efficient as we would do away with Medicare and Medicaid in favor of a Unversal Healthcare System

          Implementing a national healthcare plan will also free employers from providing health insurance to employees, which is very costly. This will allow employers to pay employees a higher wage at no additional cost to the employers. The benefits covered by your employer are a hidden part of your salary, who wouldn't want more of that cash directly in their paycheck rather than spent on sometimes inadequate health insurance coverage? 

         As the greatest and richest nation on Earth, it should be well within our grasp to develop the greatest healthcare system. Let us work together in providing that healthcare for all.