Frontier Party Of America


The Frontier Party promotes conservation of our flora, fauna, habitats and resources. As a species that is present and thriving on every continent on this planet, we also have a huge environmental impact. Our negative impact on the environment should be decreased and conservation of life on Earth should be a priority.

Threats to our environment come from 3 main sources

Man-Made Climate Change – Climate change caused by 200 years of burning carbon-based fossil fuels and releasing that once locked up carbon, into the atmosphere where it become a greenhouse gas.

Pollutants – these are chemicals used in manufacturing and farming that leach into our groundwater and waterways.

Sprawl – the constant spread of human habitation that turns forests into farmland and farmland into housing developments and shopping centers. 

The Frontier Party promotes a robust plan to pave the way for a sustainable future for our nation, our species and our planet.

Disaster Planning and Avoidance:

A long term goal of the Frontier Party is to move human habitation away from known disaster zones. This would make people safer and decrease taxpayer expenditures due to disaster relief.

Moving habitation away from places like "Tornado Alley", New Orleans, and Hurricane and Earthquake prone areas would mitigate the damage people have to deal with when these events occur and it would greatly reduce the cost of rebuilding after one of these natural disasters takes place.

Stewards of Farms and Forests:

The primary purpose of the program is to preserve our farms and forests for current and future generations and stop their destruction from developers turning them into housing developments and shopping centers. 

Aspiring farmers would be granted land to grow produce removing the huge upfront cost of buying land to start a farm. This would be especially helpful for young farms who do not have the money to pay for the land required to have a farm. 

Native Americans would be given preference to reclaim land of their ancestors and become Stewards of that land but anyone could apply to become a Steward of the land.

To  slow sprawl, developers would be penalized for building on farms or forest and given tax breaks for building in neglected areas of established cities and towns. 

Nature's Share Act:

Many of our rural neighbors who farm and raise livestock, often have conflicts with wildlife. The Frontier Party believes that we need to maintain a balance between human activity and nature. The Grey Wolf population has been decimated and reintroducing Grey Wolves into certain states and and adding them or removing their protecting status has become a hot button issue in those communities and nationwide. Many farmers choose to kill these animals whether it is legal or not in order to protect their farm, livestock and investments. In order to help maintain balance between people and nature, we propose an act that will reimburse farmers for their losses due to wildlife activity. For example, If a sheep is killed by a wolf, the farmer would be able to file to be reimbursed for the cost of that sheep at current market value. In other words, they would be reimburses for how much they would be able to sell that animal for if it lived long enough to be processed and sold to consumers. Funds could also be available to fortify fences and deterrents in order to protect livestock from being killed. We  hope that by covering the farmer's loss and more or less allowing the wolf to take it's meal, that both human and nature could more peacefully coexist in this particular setting.