Frontier Party Of America

The Opt-Out:

          Some citizens of this great nation, believe nothing good can come from government. Some feel they are taxed to death and want to live a life where they are free from taxes and overregulation. The Frontier Party proposes tax-free zones where these individuals can live. This coupled with an Opt-Out program, will allow our most self-sufficient citizens to live a life free and independent of government extras.

          The Opt-Out would be a year long program for anyone interested where they would have to renew each year. The Opt-Out would exempt these Americans from paying into social security, medicare or other government run healthcare systems and federal income tax. States would still have the right to levy taxes on individuals.

          Opt-Out citizens must live in tax-free zones designated by the state. In these tax-free zones, the State government has no obligation to perform any upkeep on roads, utilities, lights, etc. Individuals or Corporations are welcome to pick-up these responsibilities from State governments, in these tax free zones.

         Individuals who choose the Opt-Out, will be able to Opt-In after one year if they decide that the Opt-Out is not the life for them. Opt-in after multiple years would require paying of back-taxes for each year Opted out. 

        The Frontier Party hopes that this policy or a version of it will help to create better harmony with differing ideologies that we have throughout the country.