Frontier Party Of America

          The Frontier Party believes that citizens have certain rights that need to be protected in order to maintain a prosperous society. Without these rights being upheld by our government and each citizen, we create a society where many people struggle. A society where the majority does not have basic needs met, is one that is not going to reach its true potential. The Nine Teeth surround the Gear in our Logo stand for the Nine Rights that every American should be assured.

Statue of Liberty.jpg


These rights are:

1. Right to Healthcare

2. Right to Sanitation

3. Right to Transportation

4. Right to Healthy Food

5. Right to Safety

6. Right to Habitation

7. Right to Education

8. Right to Communication

9. Right to Employment

Take any one of these rights away from a person in the modern world and watch them struggle. We would not want to be without these rights and we would not want our neighbors and fellow citizens to be without these rights because when our neighbor suffers we suffer.

As we move to assure these rights for all Americans, we also embrace progress and changes in technology that can allow us to reach our goals quickly and effectively.

Join us as we flesh out our ideals. Our voice is your voice. Make it heard. Join the Frontier.