Frontier Party Of America


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We need changes to the Military and Defense that serve more Americans and don’t drain taxpayer money in an effort to preserve the Military-Industrial Complete.

Efficient Military:

  • We need a smaller more efficient military that focuses on Defense and Research and a new branch to maintain our safety in Space and also help develop in infrastructure in Space to support increased government and private activity in Space.

Focus on Defense:

  • Our Military should focus on defense. Troops should be pulled back from as many countries as possible. We spend money maintaining troops overseas for what if situations. Our technology has advanced greatly. We are able to send troops all over the world in under 24 hours. We do not need to maintain overseas bases especially if we are working to maintain world wide peace. Active war situations are a different matter but lets no fool ourselves into thinking that more bases won’t be built in active long term war situations. Let’s pull back now where we can and focus on defending our country from within its borders.

A greater focus on Cyber Warfare:

  • The US Military is inadequately prepared to address increasing threats from Cyber Attacks. It’s time to bring the US military into the 21st Century. We need a more robust system to address and prevent these attacks.

Raise Enlistment age to 21:

  • The enlistment age should be raised to 21. This will allow individuals more time to determine what they really want to do with their lives. People often go into the military for one of 3 reasons: Family expectations, no clear path after high school and in order to pay for higher education. Raising the enlistment age to 21 and providing free 4 year college to every American, would solve a few of these problems and provide the military with well-rounded individuals who wish to serve they country.