January 20th, 2017 - The beginning of the beginning

While many may view today as the end of something, we look at it as the beginning of something. We look around and see all the protests and all the support progressives are giving one another and see it as a positive. People are actively fighting for their causes. Support that wasn’t there at this level just a few months ago. Sometimes it takes an event to wake us up. The 2000 election was that event for some, 2004 for others. 2016 will go down as an election year where many progressives realized how much they could lose and something good has come of it, we’ve begun to organize.

For those that still feel despair, remember that we are still the majority, not them and remember that Republicans do not have a good track record when they are a majority of the Government. We will use this to our advantage in 2018, 2020 and beyond. We will be there to pick up the pieces of this administration and together we will form a more perfect Union. One of equality and inclusion. One of sustainability and opportunity. One of compassion and strength.

We admire those that have come out to protest today and for the next 4 years. Your fight is our fight and together we will continue to fight For Our Future.