An Open Letter to America

Dear Fellow Americans,

                      Another election year has passed. We've been through many of them. Every election cycle has similarities to the prior cycle but it has become evident with this election cycle that we are on the cusp of something new and how we have vote and the decisions we made this November, will have an effect on our country and our planet for generations to come. We need to start considering where we want to be as a country in the next 20, 50 and 100 years and not delude ourselves into thinking that the loudest voice is the most knowledgeable.  In a time when the future is uncertain, The Frontier Party wishes to create an inclusive and progressive society that can continue to be a global leader and a leader beyond the boundaries of Earth. There are many conservatives who wish to take us back to a time, that in their mind was great but in reality was not great for many. We also have Democrats, many of whom want progress but have been slow to make changes. And somewhere in between we have that new generation, Millenials who want to create this progressive society who want fairness and equality for all citizens but can not find their voice in the candidates that they have in front of them.  For those people, who feel like they are caught, I ask you to continue to vote. Your voices are always heard as long as you vote on a regular basis. Take part in the Millenial Strategy, vote for the most liberal candidate this year and every year. Then join us in building a New America, one that builds on past ideals, emphasizes our strengths and gives every citizen a chance to meet their greatest potential. The tide is turning. Find your voice, Start the Machine.


Frontier Party of America